How to Maintain the Longevity of Your Water Purifier?

It is impossible to survive without a water purifier system installed at home and office these days.Pure drinking water from natural resources can rarely be found in the vicinity and only boiling the water these days doesn’t give you germ-free water fit for drinking. Moreover, due to the alarming increase of pollution due to modernization, air and water purifiers are must-have appliances to keep your family away from the harmful pollution.

An ideal water purification system should be the one, which perfectly fits in your kitchen area, delivers optimum water quality as per the water supplied in your area, and helps you maintain your family’s health by serving pure and safe drinking water every time.

While a water purifier system comes loaded with advanced technologies to serve you the best quality water time and again, you need to ensure that you are not misusing the services such that the machine breaks down earlier than expected. Hence, in order to get premium quality water for a longer duration, you need to maintain thewater purifier system regularly.

Although not all RO purifiers in India are built the same way, these are some of the common points, which when followed religiously, keeps you away from hassles of taking it to the service centre often.

Reverse osmosis system present in almost every water purifier primarily consists of three basic stages: Pre-Filtering, Osmotic Membrane and Post-Filtering.

  1. The first stage (that is pre-filtering) essentially comprises of a single filter cartridge, which is present in order to separate impurities like sand particles, silt accumulated from water bed, and other minute residual particles present in water. This process is carried out to protect the Reverse Osmosis Membrane from severe damage that could be caused by these impurities.In order to keep this filtration process up and running, users need to clean and change the filter cartridge regularly.Additionally, a carbon filter is also installed to remove the bad taste and odour from water. These filters must be cleaned and changed every six months to provide optimum services every time.
  2. In the next stage of filtration process, there is the RO membrane, which is mainly the central part of a water purifier system. The membrane should be cleaned on a regular basis and the cleaning intervals should not exceed three months at a stretch. Additionally, change the RO membrane once every 2 years so that you can easily provide purified drinking water every time and enhance the longevity of the purifier.
  3. Sanitize and clean the water tank every year as this is the storage space from where you get your share of water supply daily.
  4. Test the pressure nozzle regularly so that you are well equipped with all the amenities.
  5. Avoid installing the water purifier in a wet area or in an area, which is exposed to direct sunlight as such things can drastically affect the quality of water due to machine dysfunction.

If you ignore cleaning your water purifier regularly, then you are likely to experience a difference in the quality of water obtained. With bad maintenance, the flow of the water will gradually reduce, the odour of the water will worsen and it will be difficult toget pure water.If proper care is taken, then a normal water purifier can last for at least ten years.For ten good years, basic care will help you deliver pure and safe drinking water to your family

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