How to Maximize Property Value With Sliding Doors

Whether remodeled or built from scratch, both residential and hospitality properties alike can benefit from incorporating sliding doors into their design. Here’s how sliding doors can improve your building’s appeal.

Offer space-saving solutions.

Especially important for residents of high-cost urban areas, sliding doors provide simple ways to maximize space. For example, sliding closet doors for bedrooms can allow for deeper closets or bigger bed frames without compromising mobility and safety. Sliding door dividers can also transform smaller one-bedroom apartments and studios into multipurpose living spaces with added privacy and functionality.

Add visual appeal to bedrooms.

Another advantage of sliding closet doors for bedrooms, trendy glass doors lend a modern chic appearance to living spaces. They can also be practical, with clothes that are protected from dust but never out of sight. Alternatively, closet doors with mirror finishes are a popular choice for a reason — they “open up” rooms, making them appear much larger than they really are. Mirror finishes also provide additional space-saving by removing the need for bulky floor mirrors.

Likewise, If your property is in a scenic or otherwise in-demand location, sliding glass doors that open onto even the smallest balconies will impress guests and future residents. Sliding doors allow you to sell the view much more than the average window.

Feature the benefits of natural light.

Natural light doesn’t just look nice — enough of it can have an objective positive impact on health and well-being. Sunlight is an important part of sleep and mood regulation. By installing sliding glass doors in your building, you’ll be able to highlight the boosts to health and productivity guests and residents may expect.

Emphasize energy efficiency.

With all that extra natural light coming in, less money needs to be spent on artificial light sources. Doors can also be used to partition larger spaces, blocking unwanted air circulation and preventing drafts. Additionally, those concerned with environmental impacts can be assured that Space Plus sliding doors are easily recyclable and require no harsh chemicals to clean.

Reduce noise levels.

Space Plus sliding doors and glass dividers have been specifically engineered to reduce noise levels in areas with high levels of foot traffic. For hotels, condos, and apartment buildings noise-dampening abilities extend beyond the lobby, ensuring guests and residents are able to better enjoy private time.

In addition to the sound-reducing qualities of the glass itself, frame designs make a major difference for controlling noise levels. The loud noise created by slamming doors is a frequent complaint for residents of multi-unit housing. Modern sliding doors, however, often come equipped with track systems that prevent door slams — and the loud noises they produce.

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