Is your broadband on the Tier 1 ISP list?

Only the leading broadband providers in the country, like Airtel, are classified under the Tier 1 ISP, which indicates the highest levels of connectivity and network coverage.

What do you expect from your broadband connection? That it offers sufficiently high volumes of data, superfast speeds and no downtime, right? But does your existing connection provide you with these basic features?

If not, you probably don’t have broadband from a Tier 1 ISP.

What is Tier 1 ISP Internet?

Without getting too technical on the subject, suffice it to say that the Tier 1 ISP (Internet Service Provider) is a provider that has a direct access and connection to the global Internet node in a certain region. This connection is recognised and classified under a global settlement-free peer agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, there is a voluntary flow of information between one or more networks in the region.

What this means is that the Tier 1 ISP is the highest class of broadband Internet, where the service provider has their own IP network in the region that connects with the primary global Internet backbone. It may also be connected to another Tier 1 ISP of the same region or different regions. However, the provider is powerful enough to maintain the entire routing schedule for the region.

It naturally follows that only a leading service provider like Airtel may have the resources and reach to be a Tier 1 ISP in India. Airtel is amongst the country’s Tier 1 ISPs along with other providers like VSNL and Reliance. Tier 1 ISPs in India are authorised and empowered to sell bandwidth to Tier 2 and 3 ISPs, which in turn transact with individual customers and businesses in the country. Airtel provides one of the most comprehensive broadband networks in India, with rising penetration every year.

The benefits of taking broadband from Tier 1 ISPs:

  • The most common benefits of taking a broadband connection from a Tier 1 ISP like Airtel, is that you get the highest speeds and robust networks that are always on. There is no question of network outages or stutters while you’re using the Internet connection.
  • Since the Tier 1 ISP is connected to the global Internet backbone, they provide unfettered access, high download and upload speeds, and a high bandwidth. This is a useful feature to keep in mind when buying broadband for the office, which may require multiple connections.
  • With high network penetration in the market, Tier 1 ISPs are able to offer affordable broadband plans.

Taking broadband? Take Airtel

Airtel has the choicest pick of monthly, six-monthly and yearly broadband plans to offer in the major cities and towns of India. For instance, take a look at the monthly plans for the Delhi circle:

As you can see from the illustration above, there are 5 options priced at Rs 799, Rs 999, Rs 1,299, Rs 1,999 and Rs 2,199. Each provides unlimited STD and local calls, and the Internet speeds range from 40 Mbps to a staggering 300 Mbps. In fact, Airtel broadband provides the fastest data transmission speeds in India.

Airtel’s fast speeds can also be attributed to its radical V-fiber technology. Airtel is the only ISP in the country to offer V-fibernet, which shows a stunning uptime of 99% and always-on connectivity with superfast speeds.

You can upgrade your existing broadband connection to V-fibernet to avail of fast speeds. Check with Airtel about upgrading your connection.

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